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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Every woman once in her life should wear a pair of $100 underwear. Every man once in his life should buy them for her. In Carmel there is a shop that will provide that service. Intima is a high-end lingerie shop where underwear is an art form. Throughout my adolescence I suspected that the traditional seven arts – painting, music, dance, drama, architecture, literature, and sculpture – were one short. In my opinion, frilly lingerie deserves a place along side the cantatas of Bach and the paintings of Rubens. The designers who fill Intima’s shelves with the latest styles of unmentionables are visionaries. In the bare 350 square feet of this tiny outpost of steamy sexuality can be found artistic masterpieces the equal of oil paintings or sculptures available at any of Carmel’s art galleries. These works of art are less expensive, but not by much. A bra can set you back $90. Panties easily cost $80. A nightgown can cost the price of a fancy dress.

The most common criticism of pricey lingerie is that few if any ever get to see it, so why bother. Remember that the treasures of Tutankhamun and Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnets from the Portuguese” were never meant for public consumption either. Just because a thing is private doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated with as much care and attention as something in the spotlight. Maybe it is enough to know that only the right people will see it. That’s the way it is with lingerie. Just knowing it’s there is enough – for her and for him. Sexy lingerie is a precious secret. Intima, Mission and Ocean Streets, Carmel, CA, (831) 625-0599.

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